The Stigmata of St Francis Statue

Newspaper Article dated October 10, 1966
[St. Francis Medical Center Scrapbook]
Monsignor Cook’s excellent address given at the time of dedication in 1966 is also a most appropriate reference to the legacy of the many memories of all of our members [deceased, living and former] and to the many works of the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart for love of God and love of neighbor.  It links the past with the present, the dead and the living, the present and the future.  One would assume that this makes for a perfect memory garden

Photography by Sister Kathleen Moseley, O.S.F.

Stigmata Statue

Sedgwick statue was commissioned for Christ the King Convent, West Coast Postulant Convent.  Christ the King Convent closed on June 21, 1971 and the statue found a home at St. Francis Medical Center, Santa Barbara.

After St. Francis Medical Center ceased operation, the statue was sent to St. Francis Woods in 2004.  On June 1, 2005 the new location for the Stigmata Statue is on a small corner of the site where the Sacred Heart Residence [Sacred Heart High School] stood.

It should be noted that the original statue had rays coming forth from St. Francis hands.  Over time these have either worn away or were removed.  Also the special rock designed for the statue was not sent to St. Francis Woods.




From the Chronicles of Christ the King Convent, Montecito, California

1966-October 17

All was ready for the day set for the blessing and dedication of the statue representing the Stigmata of Saint Francis and for the placing the tabernacle in Chapel…

This was the beginning of a perfect day.  At 3:00 p.m., as had been arranged; the blessing and the dedication of the statue took place.  The statue is the work of the noted Santa Barbara sculptor, Mr. Francis Sedgwick, who was commissioned by Miss Christine Wittkopf, to do the work and place the statue in memory of Miss Katherine Harvey, whose estate, is now the location of Christ the King Convent.  The statue weighing some over 900 pounds was sent by the sculptor to Italy to be cast and bronzed.  It is mounted on a pedestal made of rock, the work of Frederico Quitero, assistant to the artist.  The ceremony was held on the south lawn and was attended by approximately seventy-five guests.  Monsignor Ozias B. Cook, of Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish here in Montecito, blessed the statue and gave a brief address, which follows in the next four paragraphs.  The Padre Choristers furnished the music.

Monsignor Cook’s address:


This afternoon we cement a bond of affection that has existed these many years.  This bond of affection enjoys many ramifications, implicates many people with various beliefs, social differences and personal dedications.  This bond of affection links the past with the present, the dead and the living, the present and the future.  Many sentiments well up in our souls.

There is then, that great outward expression of life.  First and foremost, the guided handiwork of our artist-friend, Mr. Francis Sedgwick, which represents a gifted talent developed to a high degree through his personal application and now we see the finality of and object that bespeaks love, devotion and peace.

This object of love is set aside in memory of a dear friend who was extremely charitable during her lifetime and likewise a love of the beautiful, the good, the earthly as well as the spiritual.  Miss Harvey and St. Francis would have been great friends, I assure you.  They would have enjoyed many common interests and both would have been a great help to each other.

News Article for Inner-Com submitted June 2005
by Sister Kathleen Moseley, Archives of the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart

    Now, this work of art, this work of love sits in these grounds hallowed by holy women, who prepare for a dedicated life of love, love of God and love of neighbor, and who will maintain these grounds in their present beauty by pious hands, but above all will hold in memory, in prayer and in sacrifice, the good people who make this day such a memorable one.  In gratitude, Holy Mass this morning was offered in the Chapel for all you good people, as a further expression of that bond of affection, which binds us together and gives us a oneness and a fraternity in God’s household, as true children of God.