Saint Joseph Statue finds a new home!!

Welcoming all who entered front doors of Saint Joseph Hospital, Joliet was the statue of the hospital patron saint.

Some time after 1964 when St. Joseph Hospital moved from Broadway to Madison Avenue, the original statue
was relocated to the hospital’s convent garden. For many years the statue centered the celebrations to many convent picnics and other gatherings
for the sisters, friends and guests.

On Wednesday, June 28, 2006 the statue of Saint Joseph was again relocated to “another” backyard.  This time to Saint Francis Woods.   The statue faces the library and convent dining room. 

The Sisters on their “South of the Border” Vacation were the first to surround the statue to have their picture taken.  Also, included in the picture is Faustina, the young girl from Haiti, who was recovering from heart surgery.

No Archival documentation could be found in reference to when the original statue was actually mounted over the front door of the hospital on Broadway, nor what the actual date was for the move to the convent garden at the new Hospital on Madison.


Sister Kathleen Moseley, Archives of Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart Inner Com – June 2006